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In my early life I followed the traditional default path. I was a relatively good kid that came from a good middle class family. I spent my 20's investing, building businesses, and seeking financial freedom for the sake of the age old agreed upon understanding of what it means to be successful in this life. 

Companies Built / Own


It was only at the age of 28, after my first heart break, that I consciously turned my attention inwards for the first time and discovered the sacred practice of contemplation.


It is here where I discovered that freedom is a feeling. It is something we cultivate within ourselves. My business training in pursuit of expansion soon turned into my spiritual inquiry.


I wanted to to find out more about who I really was.

It was only after my first heart break that I turned my attention inwards for the first time and discovered the sacred practice of contemplation.


It is here where I rediscovered that freedom is a feeling. It is something we cultivate within ourselves. 


I am a passionate rock climber that loves exploring spiritual practices, heart consciousness, and the art of falling in love with the world. My teachings are centred around heart consciousness and how to harness personal fulfillment in day-to-day life.

The world is beautiful beyond our wildest dreams. Together we can all learn to see, and most importantly, feel it as such.

In 2017 I met Don Howard. Don Howard or Howard Lawler, was the first person in my life who spoke the language of truth and authentic self realization. 

Don Howard saw me and everyone he touched from a higher perspective. Although his words were powerful, he was someone who showed us a path to deepening and the a path to open the heart.

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Embodies Love & Spiritual Devotion

I live a spiritual life of sharing teachings, prayer, and Love of Creation

Embodied love and spiritual devotion means to practice truth and realize our true nature. It means to realize that we are literally made out of love, light and divine connection which can not be lost, stolen, broken or altered. Embodied Love means to accept, embrace and rest peacefully in the knowingness that love is the abundant fundamental nature of all life and that we don't have to work for it, we just are it. Spiritual devotion is the sacred practice of giving gratitude to the universal spirit that rests in and circulates the entirety of our being.

Playfulness & Laughter

I laugh and play with all my friends and family while we share, grow together, and marvel life's paradoxes.

In the simplest essence of why we are here, we are here to play and express joy for the gift of life and creation. We are here to laugh at the paradox which we find ourselves in. Laugh at the absurdity of observing that regardless of our effort to understand our nature through conceptual mapping, we find ourselves going in circles. We are here to vibrate the highest frequency which can be found in our cries of laughter which we share with one another.

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Live Passion

I am able to fully express to the world that which is present in my life.

Life is an ever evolving creative expression. By our own nature, we humans along with all other life forms are part of creation here to serve a role and authentically create our highest expression. Expressing passion means to let what is meaningful be fully expressed for the world to see. To let the fire burning at the centre of our hearts to illuminate that which is present in our day to day life. Expressing passion means to not be afraid to tap into the power of the human spirit and the unique power that each of us was born with. To express passion, means to let the world know that you are here now and that you deeply care about this world and our existence in one way or another.

Sacred Union, Romance & Intimacy

Deeply intimate relations with the lovers of my life. Live in resonance for the divine feminine who sees me, creates me & supports me in my passion for creation.

Although unity is the actual nature of the universe, to experience our universe and all that it has to offer, duality is the base way we experience the world. Sacred union is to merge with the opposite polarity from which we were born into in this life time. Sacred union is to accentuate and celebrate the great polarity and cherish the differences that exist in our beloved. Sacred union is to merge polarity back into oneness in order to powerfully create new life and ecstasy.

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Personal Growth & Self-Actualization

I deeply love the process of continuous learning as I evolve along the directed path of mastery towards my personal highest calling.

Within the black container of emptiness lies a field of unlimited permutation, possibility, polarization and light. From this place, anything can happen. We are here to learn about who we can be. We are here to source from an unlimited pool of divine information and pave new paths of experience. We are here to learn about where we come from, where we are going, and what we are becoming. We are here to bring presence to the process of creation and lovingly marvel at that which is being presented. We are here to learn enough to realize that we are already complete and we always have been.

Truth, Consciousness, Reality

I seek to hold unlimited perspectives all at once and live in realization that the all seeing intelligence of ultimate reality is stored in the eternal present moment

Beyond all form, difference and appearances is an awareness of the ever changing universe. This awareness is who we are. This awareness is unchanging and can best be found in the eternal now. The present moment holds the infinit reality. When we still ourselves from the duality of the mind, we can find ourself in touch with the ultimate reality which is experienced in the present moment. Practicing new perspective is the tool of non attachment to identification, which frees us to experience ourselves as whole and infinite. Beyond all beliefs lies the truth. The truth that life in fact is actually happening right now.

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Actively creating beauty in the world and sharing all that I have learned with the intent to positively influence humanity and the earth in the rise of consciousness and higher awareness.

We are all born into the material world with a unique divine purpose to grow, learn and express. Helping others is the combination of using our unique gifts to serve, which in turn reciprocates the deepest levels of fulfillment that can be experienced. We are born to serve the greater whole. Born to help our extended universal family using the tools we were gifted with.


I am free to fearlessly travel, adventure, try new things, embody new identities, and be any version of myself that I want to be, as I authentically evolve into an increasingly aligned spiritual being.

By our very nature, we are all already free. In the truest sense we really arn't anybody. At least not anybody who can be named of captured via concept or description. As we begin to realise this as the truth, the ego identification model fades away and we begin to realise that we have been free all along. As we realize that we are free our spirit remembers that it has chosen to be embodied and that it wants to be here bounded in the material. We return to beings of choice.

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Health & Fitness

A live a life of adventure & climbing all over the world pushing my physical limits and finding out the potential of the body

We are spiritual beings. The material world creates a playground for individuation so that we may experience our spirit as a unique seemingly separate organism. As such, our embodiment creates a temporary experience for us to densify and be human. Health and fitness is the sacred practice of loving the embodiment and testing the limits of the human biology. Through the process of caring for our bodies we get to experience love in a whole new way. Health and fitness is a way of honouring the material world. When we feed and nurture our bodies, our bodies are well prepared to take us on any adventure we can imagine. Body, mind and spirit. The trinity alignment brings great joy, and helps us to live our purpose.

Creating Beauty

I seek to harmoniously and joyfully share life, laughter and joy with all others who cross my path and elevate all those who I meet through out the journey.

One of the 4 major purpose in each of our lives is to increase our capacity to see beauty in the world. To see beauty in all of its forms. To see beauty in both the Yin and the Yang's of life. As we do this, our capacity to create beauty for other to see expands. Creation is our nature in the dualistic world. We are either creating negative energy or positive energy. Learning to see beauty in greater and greater capaicty increases our fundamental input. The law of resiprocity as our guide, we can simply obsereve that; beauty and goodness in = beauty and goodness out. Thats the simple math. Increase the capaity to bring in beauty, increase the capacity to share out beauty. Beauty is indeed an abundence, when we perceive the world in right view. It is an abundence that fills our experience with love and helps us remember who we really are.

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