Annual Reflection 2021 &

Goal Setting 2022

Goals Setting Document is available for download at any time. If you can't make the time, download the work shop anyways and complete it whenever you can make time. I will be hosting the Annual Goal Setting WorkShop at 10:30am on Sunday the 9th. Join the live stream with link below

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Dear Friends,

I have a great many exercises I engage in every year to help me gain clarity, and the one I am about to share is one of them. Although modified, it is developed by an entrepreneur named Andy Drish from the US.

Every Year in January I like to take about 2-3 hours to reflect on my year, draw from my lessons learned, take an inventory of how I currently feel about my life, and then build out a theme based plan for the year centered around S.M.A.R.T Goals. 

The underlying motive is to continually gain clarity and align myself with my core values and mission. 

I credit much of what I have accomplished over the last few years to this type of process. As you develop more clarity in your life and learn about what you stand for, decisions become easier, clutter begins to fade and the world becomes more peaceful. Knowing what to say “No” to and what to say “hell yes” to, is liberating. This is the type of freedom I strive for everyday. 

The process is simple and it looks like this:

Reflect on the Past
- Inventory of the present 
- Write your vision statement & create a theme for your year.  
- Set Goals

If you spend 2 hours on this process with strong intention, I believe the results have the power to manifest into your life! Intention is everything in Life. When you complete the worksheet, email me and tell me your ‘theme’ for 2021.

Mine is = Help Entrepreneurs and Emerging Leaders to find more meaning in their Life Pursuit

I look forward to hearing yours. Your friend Brad Samuels. love you all!