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This exclusive, 9 - day pilgrimage is the first of it's kind

 It is s a fully immerse journey of personal development and spiritual growth with the assistance of the sacred plant medicine of Psilocybin in safe, immersive, and supportive scared centres around BC. This transformational retreat takes place throughout the lower main land of the province of BC 


This are Mexican, ancestral ceremonies from the Mazatec people. Maria Sabina, the famous healer who brought magic mushrooms to the west in the 1950’s and ’60, came from this lineage.


This series of ancestral ceremonies works progressively with psilocybin to promote healing and connection. We will be using techniques such as songs, prayers, nature and most of all, silence as a place of connecting with deep layers of the Soul.  The medicine carriers curate a ceremonies that allows them to commune with ancestors spirits and deities, sing, heal and pray. The ceremony takes place in doors at night to deeply connect with ourselves. 

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Agder is an ancestral ceremony facilitator with over 20 years experience working with the Mazatec mushroom tradition as well as the Lakota peyote temazcal and sweat lodge. His father was a medicine man before him and he was introduced to the medicine path at the age of 8. Agder trained in First Nations traditions and is certified by the Native American Church to run peyote and sweat lodge ceremonies. He’s a sundancer and chanoopa carrier and his work has taken him all over the world from India to Canada and many countries in Europe.

North and Central American native traditions have used psilocybin for hundreds of years for healing of physical and emotional ailments as well as connecting with the world of spirit for guidance and support.

We provide much more than just a ceremonies. During the pilgrimage,  we will use many embodiment practices to get out of our head and connect with our true essence. We offer extensive preparation and integration support before, during and after the pilgrimage to empower you to you can genuinely heal and transform for long term health, prosperity and connection. 

It is not possible to guarantee what your experience will be like. However, these are some of the common results experienced from Psilocybin.


  • Powerful insights 

  • Mystical experiences 

  • Letting go of suppressed thoughts and feelings 

  • Self acceptance and compassion 

  • Overcoming of unhelpful thoughts and behavioural patterns 


  • Reduced stress and worry 

  • Increased sense of wellbeing 

  • Greater connectivity with self and others

  • Greater sense of purpose 

  • Renewed energy and focus ​


We take a holistic approach to personal and spiritual development designed to deepen your experience. During the retreat, we use several modalities to enhance your experience, such as movement, breathwork and meditation. We also offer extensive preparation and integration support before and after your retreat focussed on embodiment of the results. 


Each participant will be assessed before entering the retreat through a compulsory application form and screening. Due to the powerful nature of entheogens and the impact that others sharing the space can have, we limit each retreat to 12 selected attendees.


In the weeks leading up to the
retreat, we will virtually supp
ort you with your preparation.

  • Private 1:1 exploration call focused on your intention and to answer any questions you may have

  • Individual preparation activities 

  • Group preparation call


We will sit in 4 sacred ceremonies over the course of  9 day travelling to different locations in the lower main land of BC 

  • ​4 all night Psilocybin prayer ceremonies

  • Yoga

  • Conscious Connected Breath Work

  • Group sharing circles

  • Embodiment practices 

  • 1:1 coaching 


We offer integration support throughout & after the pilgrimage to support transitioning what you are learning

  • ​Private check-ins

  • Group integration circles



  • Psilocybin Ceremony

  • All retreat activities 

  • Accommodation 

  • Transportation - Private Bus between locations

  • Organic, locally sourced catered meals at the retreat sites, by aligned Creations Catering: 

    • ​4 Dinners, Breakfasts, 4 Lunches

  • 1:1 personal session during and after the retreat

  • Group preparation and integration circles ​


  • Early Bird = $3,450  (Until June 30th)

  • Regular = $3,950




Brad Samuels is a facilitator, a guide, a business coach and a curator of intentional gatherings intended for healing, growth and self expression. 

Brad believes that the next stage of human development will be centred around transformative modalities for future seekers, leaders, and warriors to increase agency in order to bring in a new Civilization Model that incentivizes and manifests wellness and prosperity for the good of all.

Para El Bien De Todos.

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Kyle Dow is a curious seeker and student of wisdom; his current contemplation revolves

around the expansion of consciousness - which means he likes everything. 


Kyle serves as an Psycho-spiritual Integration Coach and Space Holder.

He uses the models of Core Wounds, Non-Violent Communication, Internal Family Systems and Circling Exercises; his favorite space for personal and group introspection is Nature.  

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