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Born To Be What I Am

I knew I was me right from the beginning.

When I was born and just starting out I actually couldn’t breath well at all.

They call it “kroop” in hospitals.

My first life challenge. Can’t breath.

Not a good start. But it sure was me in my process.


I soon overcame that problem and got started into new awakenings.

Loved mom and dad. Wouldn’t have gotten far without them. They encouraged me to be someone in later years

I learned that identities are part of our culture and I began looking to others and building my ego.

That was me. Validating my conceptual self.

Bravo to me!


In later years I built up my resume of conceptual self.

The body changed over time, the thoughts developed and became more complex, the emotions matured.

But even as all of that changed, I was still me all the way through it.


I went on to be become.


I became a tennis player, a rebel, a hockey player,

a confident person, a happy person, a bad student, a skateboarder,

a snow boarder, a breakdancer. Etc….

Bunch of identity stuff really.


That was me.


Just stacking up roles and thought structures.


I was there watching at all happen.

This went on for a long time. Like 25 years or something. Ahahah


Me, me, me, me

All the way through.

I remember.


We are now entering a time of unbounded me, then, us and I

When I was 28 years old I realized that me is made out of some kind of

an eternal unlimited substrate called love.

This one was a game changer. ME!!!

I went on to discover that Me was made out of rivers, oceans, tea and kombucha, even Beer!

I found out that me was floating around in the air and weaving myself through the lungs and the trees.


What the fuck? Isn’t that strange.


Me grows up out of the earth, digests through the intestines and returns into Me in the soil of the earth.

That’s bizzar?


Me shines down on me into my skin to create life.

That’s convenient.


This is Me.

And I’m here to stay.


I am the loving awareness who watch the ones who walk the path home to me.

Who are you?

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