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Integrating Duality

This place we live in has seemingly apparent distinction.


At first glance and in the primary teachings It seems that there is an up and a down.

It seems like some lose and some win

It seems like time is upon us, and there is a past and a future, a beginning and an end to things.


The primary teachings of duality would have us believe that the fundamental nature of reality has distinct separations where individuals can operate autonomously as sovereign beings.


But behind the primary teachings of duality lies an even more fundamental teaching.


As we learn to dissolve the primary teachings of conceptual duality we enter a world of unified energy.


Can you feel it within your being? Can you see that you are not alone?

Can you rest in the awareness that witnesses both the fundamental and the primary all at once?


Cause I sure can’t do it all the time.

But I’m trying my best to pull it all together.


Integrate duality and watch the world you thought you knew fall away.



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