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Spirit Moves Through Me

🌬 Spirit Moves Through Me 🌬

When I used to try and be someone, there seemed to be a growing list of things to do and titles to claim


When I used to try and add features to the product of me, the society would adjust expectations the moment I acquired that which I sought out.


When the world was conceptual for me, I used to look to others to validate that I was in fact alive and well.


The moment I realized that spirit moved through all of creation I began to move through spirit.


Spirit has no form. It’s not anyone.


It can’t be quantified, captured, harnessed, or contained.


Spirits is more potent and grand then any thought that has ever been thought in the world of thought.


Who is writing this post? ✍️

I do not know.


Questions like this are really not that important.


What’s important is that whatever I am is free to express that which is tender and ready to open.


As I let spirit move through me, I realize that I am the one who is here to be what am. Here and now.


An ornament strung out to decorate the unbounded moving world of energy.


I am here to express.


Brad 🌬 🌬 🌬

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