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Contemplation is the foundation of a life examined. The great sages and wisdom keepers all understood that the answers were stored within and that removal from societal distraction was important in order to quiet the mind and experientially realize the divine truth that is available to all those who seek to know who they really are. And although there is a place for independent silent contemplation, there is also a place for contemplation to take place in the safety of community where we can come together and support one another in the path higher awareness. 

We invite you to join us in silent community contemplation where we open sacred safe space for inner inquiry to be guided by the spirit of the Magic Mushroom.


April 26th, 5:00pm - April 27th 11:00am

Camp Out Overnight

  • Location: Squamish, BC

  • Max Group Size: 10

  • Open to: Male and Female

DONATION: $50 - $100

Sliding Scale

To join one of the listed ceremonies simply send me an email and we will reach out by phone to help you prepare. In your email let us know your general intention for the ceremony, which ceremony you would like to attend, and the phone number you can be reached at.

Upon signing up,

an invite to the facebook group will be sent over to you with logistics details



Intention defines your life.  That which we put our attention on expands. The participating group will come together  for a 1 hour zoom call to engage in a process of intention deepening the ceremony. This process happens up to 2 weeks prior to ceremony.   


3 days prior to ceremony you will be abstaining from red meat, alcohol, dairy, oils, spicy foods, salts, sexual pleasure, etc... 

This helps with overall clarity of the mind and to prepare the body for the medicine to be ingested.  


Ceremony takes place from

6:00pm - 10:00am the following morning.  During ceremony we have an opening share which leads into silent contemplation around sacred fire. The following morning we have a closing share prior to departure. 


1 week following ceremony we will as a group engage in an 1 hour integration session over zoom. We share lessons, insights, and shifts in paradigm that have occurred, as well as the actions which we will each be taking in our lives given the new insight and information which has been realized. 




Brad Samuels

Space Holder

Jon Dickson, Squamish BC

Participating in this ceremony helped me to see that the value of the present moment is often taken for granted. This ceremony supported this insight, and a re-memberance of the deep importance of connecting and embracing the present moment with intention and practice regularly as a source of vitality and spirit


The re-cognition that my origin and source is precisely this immanent present moment...once you see this in all fibers of your being, you can't not see it, and therefore naturally want to embody and live from this emergent place. I see my involvement as this unique form as play in the Divine Play that is unfolding. In this, there is levity in outlook and action.


For anyone who may be considering participating in one of these ceremonies I prompt you to ask yourself


"What am I in service to?".


Ask, "What is life asking me at this time and this place?" A question itself can be an intention for this inquisitive journey. You get out of this what you put into it. Allow yourself to be open to truth, open to surprise, and try not to take yourself too seriously. That is all 


Benoit Foret, Squamish BC

"I used to think I was expendable because others could do things much better than I could... But, through this ceremony, I was reminded of how important my participation in life really is; that I have a unique perspective and set of values. I came to see how the way I envision and dream is a direct contribution to the evolution of life. This is only true when every other person is recognized in the same light and given the freedom to explore as they see fit. I am now better able to acknowledge the variety of lived experiences and I have more compassion for the life journey I and others walk. I highly encourage you to honor the road on which you travel and prioritize becoming your own best ally, friend, companion and lover. The journey to remembering who we are implies that we forget, and it is imperative that we forgive ourselves for forgetting along the way."


I look forward to the next opportunity to participate!



Richard, Squamish BC

“Inquiry was a powerful and intentional experience. I came to work through a big transition I was going through in my life, and I got exactly what I needed in a very personal way. Brad held a very safe space where I truly felt able to express and be myself. A big part of the experience was the men he brought to the circle. Each person with high intention, willing to go deep in their own journey as well as willing to authentically share what was arising for them. Strong recommend this for anyone who needs space to do some deeper inner work and ready to ask themselves the hard questions."

Sean Pollock, Squamish BC

1. Biggest take away is not to take life too seriously. Have fun, live, laugh, love.

2. I don't feel anxious or nervous about anything anymore. But I still do tend to avoid things I don't like.

3. I would say, work your way up to it slowly over time, and remember that integration is just as important as the ceremony. I am still very much putting myself back together after all this.


I can say honestly, that the ceremony changed my life, and right now has kind of made me almost emotionless. But maybe, that's a part of growing up.



- Sean

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