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Sacred healing plants have been a central modality for much of my transformation and deepening. Plant medicines are not necessarily the way themselves, but they act more like fingers of wisdom pointing to the stars. 

British Columbia is where Mushrooms, our native teacher plant grows.  Mushrooms ( Psilocybin ) were the first plant to provide guidance for me when I first started to feel called to pursue a spiritual life. It was from these teachings that I first realized the construct of the ego and/or identity and was able to observe the conceptual framework from which we build our self image and define who we think we are.


More important than anything though, Mushrooms were the first to teach me that Love is an abundance, and the true meaning of loving without conditions.

Within a few years, I was called and guided to Peru to begin working with Master Teacher Plants, such as Ayahuasca, and Huachuma ( San Pedro Cactus ).  Amongst the many lessons, it was from these teaching where I begin learning about deep presence, the unity of all conscious organisms, and the consciousness of all things in the natural world. This inner study has changed my life and the way I will forever perceive reality. One small step in the infinite process of waking up to the beauty that lies within all things. 

The origins of Spirit, Mind, Biology,  The Universal Love, and the evolution of consciousness is now my focal examination, and the purpose for my life Journey.   

With Endless Love

Brad Samuels :)

Below are some beautiful educational video's about both the listed Master Plants,  as well as a link to

SpiritQuest Sanctuary at biopark.org. If you should feel called, the sanctuary is the highest integrity institution I has ever see in my life so far.