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Experience profound personal clarity as you undertake a month-long integrative coaching process combined with a solo Mushroom Ceremony out in nature. Roots is a highly intentional deep dive into your desires, fears and authentic life calling. It is for those who are committed to change, higher consciousness, and feel called to step into deeper layers of their own truth.

Our world is becoming noisier, more distracting, and more aggressive in trying to get our attention. 

The need for focused personal space to look within, connect to your own inner voice, and trust your deepest intuition is becoming essential, if we wish to live a life of deep alignment that is leading us to higher truth. 

Within the program a deeply safe container is held for your deep healing, powerful breakthroughs

and ultimately your directed growth. 

Undertaking this type of work is a serious commitment that requires discipline and a deep personal desire for truth, and clarity of purpose from multiple perspectives. This type of work is confrontational in nature and leads to lasting change in perspective in terms of both the external world, and the world within you.


  • We will focus the first session on understanding your current situation, desired situation and how you feel about your life in the 6 key areas.


  • We will complete a process to help you experientially work through the most important problem you are currently blocked by. 


  • We will  be begin the process of unfolding your intentions 

  • In week two's session we will begin the process of cleansing. This includes both thought and  the required diet leading up to ceremony

  • We will complete a series of processes to help you rest into your relationship with surrender and courage. Both qualities that are highly useful in the ceremony process.

  • Ceremony is a two day, undistracted, overnight experience where you are held by myself (Brad) and the team. Our purpose is to keep you safe and tend to all the details in every respect you can think of, so that you can journey with courage, focus and intention.

  • All details are provided should you choose to explore this type of experience. Ceremony is an undistracted silent solo experience. reading, writing, Instruments, and other distractions are not permitted.


"An act or instance of combining into an integral whole"


  • Integration is about your action steps and your beingness. Embodying the new narratives that will serve you moving forward in your path. 

  • Day after ceremony accountability and action steps will be established, and then one week post ceremony there will be an integration coaching session to refine and ground the lessons learned. 


" We were taken care of in such a masterful way with all the details carefully planned and thought of. The ambience that was created was conducive to do deep healing work and gave mushrooms the perfect platform to do as they were meant to. Foundationz held space for an invaluable experience for me. The whole process was beautiful and I would definitely

recommend these incredible space holders for support while journeying. With Brad and Lysh's presence, I felt incredibly safe throughout my journey which allowed me to dive deep into my own murky waters and clear stagnant energy"

         - Gin Perry, Yoga Teacher & End of Life Doula

" I was at a transition point in my life, leaving my job and trying to figure out what was actually important to me, what my values are and what do I want to do next. I wanted to get clear on what my life was all about.  During ceremony I had a lot of different breakthroughs, but I think the single most important thing I took away going through this process is that all we really have is the present moment. There is no point of getting constantly caught up in the future goals or the past challenges. The main thing to do is to find job and really be present with every moment. This is the best place to create from.


The experience I had with Brad and Gin through Foundationz was amazine. They made sure I felt safe and taken care of so that I could just focus on myself and my journey so I could get what I needed. 

Roots ceremony is something that everyone could benefit from. It gives you the chance to step outside of what you think you know about life and yourself from a new pure perspective"

         - Ashton Stoop, Entrepreneur & Speaker.