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🌬 Creative Writing 🌬

Anything that is written has been created.

What is written will in simple language either be written from a place of Yin or Yang


Many understand this as positive or negative essence to bring simplicity to an infinite spectrum of definition.


It’s not important to distinguish, for every distinguished variable creates another Paridigm.


Life is not a Paridigm though.

Life is not captured in the alphabet.


Let others define things, but not you

Let others form opinions, but not you

Let other cast judgement, but not you


For you are free.


And with this freedom you are held in a space of empty groundlessness.


From this freedom you can write anything you want without any hope of getting anywhere beyond the next word being written on the page.


See this now and tell me what is alive in your heart ❤️ here and now.



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