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Episode #5 - with Kyle Dow


Kyle Dow - Psycho Spiritual Integration Coach



Kyle Dow is a critical thinker and mystic, bridging the gap between pragmatism and spirituality. He's an outdoor enthusiast that finds fulfillment and connection in Nature, usually while climbing or skiing. Through his curiosity and process of expansion he has found awareness and tools which he uses to be of service. Kyle is a writer, speaker, Spiritual Student and Guide, who supports others in finding meaning and wellbeing. His focus with clients is on Psycho Spiritual Integration, supporting them with their plant medicine and ceremonial experiences, and also on general mental and spiritual wellbeing.


01:30 - What are we doing here?


01:50 - We came to play and explore


02:20 - Playing at full capacity


05:00 - Kyle Dow: Living outside the box of conventional thought


07:00 - More to the human experience than meets the eye


07:30 - Uncovering the known unknowns


08:00 - The Fairy Creek blockade


09:00 - Ignorance to the true history of Canada


10:10 - Power is in the connection to self and others


14:00 - The destructive nature of industry


17:15 - Shifting of world view


19:00 - Government manipulation.


22:00 - The structure of capitalism


24:30 - Recognizing the web of life and our interconnectedness


25:20 - Tending to our garden to make it flourish


26:10 - Facing the harsh truth of our situation


27:00 - Strength in Community Living


28:30 - Sun Dance


30:15 - Self sacrifice for the people


37:00 - Devotion to the prayer


38:00 - Willing to bleed for spirit


38:45 - Praying for the expansion of consciousness


40:30 - Practices for raising awareness


47:00 - Aligning the intention of a community


49:45 - The intention defines the will and the perspective.


53:00 - Leaning into challenge and difficulty


53:52 - Kyle's perspective on Love


1:00:00 - The internal game of love & consciousness


1:04:30 - Love yourself like your life depends on it


1:05:30 - Doing mirror work


1:08:00 - Cultivating internal belonging to expanded resilience and trust.


1:09:45 - The heart knows

1:11:25 - What is Psychedelic Integration?


1:18:00 - Parting words about living in right relation


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“No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell.”

- Carl Jung



Founder of Foundationz Sacred Journeys, and modern philosopher Brad Samuels asks the important questions regarding creation, God, life purpose and the meaning behind things. This Podcast is intended to be an inquiry into the origins of humanity, the evolution of consciousness, the pursuit of higher truths, and the meaning of life. Within this context we explore the role of entrepreneurship in today's world The aim of these discussions is to create a space for exploration and diversity of perspective in the path of spiritual deepening.

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