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Episode #1 - with Jesse Teron

*** NOTE: Apologies in advance for the sound misalignment. A minor mistake was made in recording our first podcast. This has been corrected in all the next episodes. Amazing conversation non the less.




Does business pursuit interfere with spirituality?


One of the most difficult integrations I have had to unify in my life has been the integration of business and spirituality. In the early years of my spiritual inquiry I had a lot of conflict and judgment towards the material world, business, and the way our economies function at large. Learning to be at peace and in alignment with business creation is fundamental. In this conversation Jesse and I explore business, abundance, freedom, and spirituality.


Hope you enjoy it!


Jesse Teron is an entrepreneur, CEO, investor, and athlete. He loves business growth, personal development and playing almost every sport. Jesse lives with his fiance in South Surrey, BC.



00:00 - The first Foundationz podcast ever!


02:00 - Freedom through spirituality & entrepreneurship


03:10 - spirituality & entrepreneurship as opposing forces?


03:50 - What is spirituality? 05:20 - Feeling empty & unfulfilled


06:40 - Taking everything to the extreme & finding equilibrium


07:38 - Going on a crusade to save the world?


09:00 - Building business without a proof of concept and monetization.


10:00 - Financial stability to expand your time horizon and creative ability


13:40 - How do you know when you have enough? 17:12 - What is ego?


21:25 - Mimetic desire


23:25 - Passion or market analysis when starting a business?


25:55 - Meeting a billionaire entrepreneur


29:19 - Trending towards big business and high performance people development


34:20 - You need to focus on people first


36:00 - Do you lead with entrepreneurship or spirituality?


40:25 - Unlearning paradigms to expand


43:18 - Moving from thinking to feeling


44:40 - Building community to feel abundant


47:09 - Integrating spirituality and business


49:50 - Enjoying the process over the outcome


55:45 - Getting in contact with Jesse Teron

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Shot me a quick email telling me what you would like to share and contemplate together and if the content is a good fit for the show we can set a date and go deep into it

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