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I Am The Light of The World

What is the spiritual path?

For me the path began in 2016 with a devastating heartbreak, and a falling apart of my sense of security and the feeling like I had things under control.

Deep within my heart a desperate longing to find out who I am I.


The intention you carry will guide you.


Who am I? who am I? who am I?

I cried out to the universe year after year

Go find out said the great one.


many years of searching and searching. The question reformatted many times to awaken different approaches to fill the ache in my heart.



Amongst many medicines and many many lessons, here are some key ones:

1. The mushroom thought me that I am not my ego. The ego is the conceptual identity structure you wear over your vision to create a smaller sense of who you are. This can be useful for relating to others in society and in conversation with friends in a dualistic sense.

2. Ayahuaska helped me remember that I am in fact born of Mother Earth and nature is what I am made out of. My lungs shaped like trees breathing in direct relationship and reciprocity, my veins running water and air through the organism like a river flowing through a valley. Do you see now said mother. Yes I see mom. Thank you

3. In 2017 Don Howard my first human teacher who I deeply honour introduced me to the great master teacher plant Huachuma. At the time my intention was to realize the all knowing interconnected, ever present, loving truth of God. In accordance with my intention I soon came to experience this truth and for lack of better words, I woke up to god which is in all things, at all times, in all forms at every moment. The magnitude and depth of this realization changed my life.


These are three of hundred of my own personally recorded teachings that paved the path for me. They are experiential, not conceptual.


For many years following all of this, my love of creation and god expanded, filled my heart and drove me to want to encourage other to step into the spiritual path of realization.


Something was still missing in my heart though and the question continues to remain.


Who am I?


God is every where doing everything all the time without any judgement with all of this purpose and love. Etc, etc….


Why am I here? What is my purpose? Why was I created?

I know I’m here for a reason. I can feel it deep within my bones. I just don’t know why yet.



In January 2023 my question, longing, and need to know more information about the creation pulled my to the centre of the spiritual centre of Peru to once again work with Huachuma. Our guide Don Martin took us on a pilgrimage through the country to sit in 7 ceremonies at 7 very important sacred sites, each holding importance in the historical revolution of higher consciousness.

I won’t go into depth about any of these ceremonies, but rather I will share the crux which in part elevates the original question and brings a sense of understanding to the original question of who am I that I had 7 years ago.


In the hight of our 5th medicine Journey, held at the centre climax location of Chavin, a specific meditation came through for me, which I will not describe here in detail.

Looking at the sun with my eyes closed, arms open, and hand raised to the sky, I could see the light under my eye lids. Yellow, orange, white, red, and little speckles of black. The absolute expanse of boundless creative light became who I am, and for the first time in my life the entire subject object relationship sense of myself as separate from the light fell away. I spent the next two hours directly experiencing and anchoring my new understanding. The vastness of light is incomprehensible to say the least regarding the mind. Only experientially can this be done based on how free one is to accept the lack of separation.

I wish I could write more about this, but the reality is that the language of light has no boundaries and everything we know, hate and love in the world is made out of light. Every breath we take is the light. Every sound you hear is the light.

What I now know is that I am a light being, a light carrier. And as an individual (Brad to keep it simple) I am here to share the message of light and emptiness.

At some level I always knew this. It’s why I was attached to Daoism, the Yin and Yang.

As an experientially understanding in higher consciousness

I am the light of the world.

I can feel it! I can feel it!

Anyone reading this is my child, my brother, my sister, my enemy, and my ally. Etc… etc….

I created the earth, Saturn, Neptune, and the asteroids that crash into mom every couple million years.

The questions for all of us is, can we feel the truth of who we really are at the highest levels.


Ps. The levels are infinite.

Do we have the courage to break down the boundary of our mind and free ourselves into the experiential magnitude of who we really are as embodiments of the unbounded light. Energy that operates beyond rules or laws. At those level of consciousness their is nothing that can’t be.

Everything and anything can be, and in-fact has already happened and is all happening simultaneously in 1 present moment that transcends death, birth and time altogether. It operated in infinite dimensions at one time.

Can you begin to tap into this experientially as the truth of who you are? This is part of the path. 1 part of infinite.

This is the language of light. Feel what I am saying next time you look up at the fun. See that the sun is your father, your brother, your baby and yourself.

Now that I know who I am,

The next question that is now arising for me, is what should I create next.

My name is Vinayam

I am Light carrier.

The most potent light I carry in the heart beat of the drum at the centre of my heart

The next phase begins with a sacred Union between myself and my higher consciousness.


My light sees the light in you.




Shot me a quick email telling me what you would like to share and contemplate together and if the content is a good fit for the show we can set a date and go deep into it

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