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My Heart Can Hold It All



Is love conditional?


When small self holds this contemplation it seems like an uphill battle. The heart is only so big, is it not?


A wisdom keeper I once knew said that the the warriors hearts beat as one.


Are their billions of heart beating in unison across this planet at the same time, or is their one heart setting rhythm for the whole?


You may have noticed that your personal heart at the best of times can hold you in life. It seems that even in the worst of times it holds you. Never skips a beat.


In the best of times it extends even further and it can hold your family and your friends.


When things are really on the up and up it can hold whole communities.


When we turn our attention to the guiding heart of creation, we may soon find that our heart is part of a bigger whole and as such perhaps we even can hold our supposed enemies.


How far does it go? How much reach does it have?


Learning to love the creation in all of its multiplicity has been a dominant theme of my life.


But learning to love the whole has required a loosening of opinions and especially judgements.


A gentle understanding can pave the way for the hearts expansion when it seems like everything is pointing to contraction.


Quiet the mind a little more, and open the heart and you soon my find the warrior in yourself, heart beating to the rhythm of the one and only pace setter.


Aho ❤️

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