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🌬 Power of the Prayer 🌬

A missing link in my path has been authentic prayer anchored into my highest intent for self and other.

What do I want?

Who do I pray to?

How does one pray?

These are all the things that come to mind when I consider why my practice is light in this area of my spiritual path. 

I recently sat in ceremony with a very special group of medicine people from Mexico. The ceremony was centred around the use of peyote, which is a healing teacher plant indigenous to their culture. The ceremony was masterful, beautiful and powerful beyond what I was experiencing. 

Much happened in the ceremony, as peyote is very heart expansion oriented, but what stuck me more than anything was how anchored into prayer each member of the medicine tribe was. Each member illuminated and expressed in their own unique voice and prayer. 

The prayers were all expressed through the voice. Through the song. 

And what a song it was. 

I did not understand in any technical way what the specific prayers were, as they were not rooted in the english language. 

But what I can tell you is that each and every prayer chanted to the great sacred fire spiralled out into the cosmos. 


These prayers were rooted in Trust. 

These prayers were rooted in forgiveness. 

These prayers were rooted in gratitude for all that we are.

These prayers were rooted in Love.

I tell you now, that I wish to pray in my daily life as they do.

I wish to pray with with Love at the centre of my message

I wish to pray with my fully authentic voice  

Date: Sep 2022

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