" This was a rebirthing experience. Out of my 51 years of life and ventures all over the world, I'd say the was the most transformative event of my life. This retreat gave me the tools to deeply know myself like I have never seen before, and it has also given me effective strategies to be able to deal with the knowledge. The biggest break through for me is being able to truly see myself and turn my weaknesses into strengths. This course is about understanding your purpose, mission and challenge in life. The Leadership team at Foundationz is sincere and has the highest integrity I have yet seen.


John Fullbright

Event - Dao Mastery

" This program has changed my life in so many ways. It has allowed me to map out my life with tools that I feel comfortable with. The Foundationz Team has beautiful Foundations. Their mission, goals and their focus is aligned purely with love. I would recommend anyone to work with Foundationz and grow their lives to incredible new places "


Alex Konyeves

Event - Dao Mastery

" I was looking for change and to align myself closer with a life of love. Coming out of class I have new tools, new direction and new friends and family. I feel energized and informed to make the shifts I need to. I feel like I am on a new path for my future with the confidence I need. My biggest breakthrough is understanding vulnerability and the core need to cultivate deep self love. Foundationz has brought amazing people together in a beautiful location with a well respected spiritual leader. Their Mission is about love and helping people resonate that around the world"



Event - Dao Mastery

" I feel prepared to step into the world and show up in a way that haven't in a long time. I was looking for something. My biggest breakthrough was just knowing myself better. I learned to give myself grace and compassion.


The Foundationz team is full of life and Love. They allowed me to go through my own process while knowing I will be cared about."


Event - Dao Mastery

" I came here to find tools to understand myself more and go deeper into my trauma and let things go. Things that were heavy on me are now gone. I'm now feeling super charged and full of love. This retreat has given me clarity and healing as I had to face my fears push my comfort zone. I found tools and strategies to work on myself and get myself out of circular patterns. Been on 2 retreats with these guys and I really love the team and the spirit"

David Tate

Event - Dao Mastery

" This retreat is about self exploration and getting reconnected with the things that are truly to important to you. The retreat helped me overcome bunch of obstacles and get to the root of the issue. I feel clear and reinforced on my core values, direction and mission and purpose. This retreat is very intentional and it is for those who need the support and space for their healing. Working with Brad is a pleasure. I have worked with a lot of other coaches and done a lot of other training programs and Brad has a unique ability to create space so that you have the freedom to feel into the processes in a very vulnerable way, which may be the most important part."

John Carlos

Event - Rootz