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Life planning consulting

I - Ching Life Planning is a science based art that accurately decodes ones personal numerological matrix through a personal written reading. This ancient traditional knowledge comes from the oldest known written record from over 4000 years ago. 

I - Ching consultations give recommendations to individuals, families, and businesses, offering opportunities for change and synchronizing life patterns to manifest their fullest potential. This information can empower individuals in finding a balanced life relating to prosperity, health, career, and relationships. 

By applying these strategies one can return to simplicity, embrace their life purpose and live ones true nature.

The practice of this sacred knowledge is available through a limited number of consultants world wide who are trained in the 26th generation lawmen "Dragon Gate Branch"

 I-Ching lineage by Wu Dong Chen 龍門 Yuan Dynasty.

The I-Ching Guides us in knowing the timing of when to do what, and how to follow the natural flow of life for you personal DNA.

Uncover who you are, your gifts, and the life challenges that will hold you back from expressing you deepest purpose 




Life is a river of flowing energy.

Our job is to follow our personal path of least resistance to balance within the current.

The River Has 9 Energy Centres

The YI - Jing is about gaining freedom and control

by aligning self with the middle path so as to flow with ease. 

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Receiving an I-Ching Reading can be a very valuable and profound process for individuals as it reveals

specific information and a deeper understanding of an individuals personal life journey.

All humans come to earth with natural gifts that they were born with, and life vacancies or challenges, 

which are energies that they were not gifted with. 

An I-Ching reading is for those who wish to gain a much deeper understanding of who they are, the gifts they were given at birth, the life challenges that will hold them back, and their greater purpose on earth. 

 The DAO, nature and the universe as a whole, is forever seeking: 

Harmony, Balance and Unity

The I-Ching provides insight to us that is specific to our personal path back to balance and sheds light on 

 why it is important.

As individuals return to balance and learn to identify and overcome their personal life challenges; 

their deepest gift  begins to express at it's greatest Potential


🧭 Life Journey Planning

Yi Jing gives you the “bird’s eye view” of your life journey, answering the following concerns:

  • Who am I?

  • Why am I here?

  • What is my mission in this journey?

  • How can I plan my life? (in three stages: youth, middle age, wisdom/legacy years)

  • How can I have the best productivity in the journey?

  • How can I reach the spiritual realm?

 🏆 Value and Status

Understand what to do in order to improve your value and achieve your status in this life.

  • What to do in order to gain respect and validation from society and in God's eyes

  • What to do in order to help yourself become the best person in both material and spiritual realms and to gain the best value

🗿 Knowing Yourself

When you get to accept yourself, you are able to become the noble person and have the best joy and happiness in life.

  • How well do you know yourself? Understand your blind spots

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses? Understand how to transform them o What is your personality and your behaviors? Understand how to use them

  • What kinds of masks do you wear? Understand how to learn from them

  • How you can change yourself in order to enjoy life

🫀 Health & Longevity

Take control of your own health; prevent disease and improve the quality of your own life. Learn the power of your internal Organs, including any weakness of certain Organs.

🗓️  Yearly, Monthly & Daily Advice

Every person has their own "Guardian Angel" on duty in every year, month, and day.


Once you know your own guardians, you can then accept the blessings and engage their power – this is how you follow what is your nature.


A detail advice sheet will be given to help you smoothly navigate through your entire life.

🏠 House Choice & Decoration

Learn what kind of house is best for you; which type of home will give the best productivity in life for each member of the household

  • Discover the best place for you to live

  • How to decorate your house inside and outside

  • Learn the functionality of every room

  • See how to fix any Feng Shui defects of the house or any of its rooms

🎓 Professional Occupation

Find out what profession/occupation you are best suited for.

  • Discover what other great skills you have

  • What to study and what kind of education is best for you

  • How to help children's education and make best choices for their future

 💸 Wealth Management

  • How to improve your income and wealth level

  • How to attract the right income opportunities

  • How to improve financial management skills

  • How to stop leaking your money

 ☯️ Yi-Jing for Businesses & Corporations

  • How to improve your income and wealth level

  • How to attract the right income opportunities

  • How to improve financial management skills

  • How to stop leaking your money

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