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It was found that the average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Of those thousands of thoughts, 80% were negative, and 95% were exactly the same repetitive thoughts as the daybefore.

The conclusion is that 97% of our worries are baseless and result from an unfounded pessimistic perception.

These baseless worries are a major source of stress, tension and cause of exhaustion not only for the mind, but also for the physical body.

How to manage our mind?

If we take the time and write down all the thoughts that pass through our mind, we could write a book each day!  But would it be a book that we’d like anyone else to read? It appears that in most cases, it would be a book full or baseless worries, fears, regrets, and complaints about ourselves and others, with very few positive chapters.


We have heard many times that our inner state of mind is the main influencing factor onwhy we do what we do, how we live our life, and what we achieve. In short, the quality of the state of our mind has an impact on the quality of our lives.

The question is, how do we manage our mind?
How do we deal with uncontrollable stream of thoughts?
How to effortlessly have positive thoughts – experience beauty in the present moment, focus on the task we have at hand, kindle creativity, feel gratitude, foster real connections, notice things we love?
How do we overcome the tendencies of the mind to cling onto negativity and prevent it from depleting our physical energy?

The secret is in our breath

At TLEX Institute, we focus on how to manage the mind and support it with high impact mind-friendly tools and breathing techniques. The secret is in our Breath. Through breathing techniques validated by modern science, we effortlessly quiete, empty and calm the mind, at the same time increase attention and focus.
This state of relaxed-awareness is the Flow state, when we are our most creative, effective and happy.
The breathing techniques allow us to take a step back, recharge, get deep rest very fast and come back with full dynamism, alertness and positivity.

In an era of new technologies, new possibilities, huge information flow, constant change, tight deadlines and pressure for performance, we have noticed from working with leaders and their teams that people really appreciate skills that allow them to develop their inner fitness, resilience and creativity.
They see the importance of stepping back and taking time off for daily practice of the learnt techniques, in order to maintain that positive state of mind and develop their inner centeredness and strength.

Our mind can be our biggest challenge and obstacle, yet if we manage it skillfully, it can be our biggest ally, helping us to reach new heights of personal development and work performance

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"Our outer world is an expression of our inner world"

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