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Wood Becomes Water

My holdings company is called “Wood Becomes Water Holdings LTD”


Under this umbrella ☂ I hold dozens of investments both passive and operational.


Ok? So what?


In my early Taoist teachings I was instructed to read the book “Wood becomes water”


We discuss 5 element theory.


It’s simple really


Wood 🪵 creates fire 🔥

Fire 🔥 creates earth 🌍

Earth 🌏 becomes Metal

Metal attracts water 💧

And Water 💧 creates Wood 🪵


All things change, and in eternity all things eventually become all other things.


You know that feeling like part of you has been here, there, or somewhere before?


It has....


It’s all been going on for a real long time. That’s why it’s all so smart.


It’s the reason why you grow your hair, pump your blood and breath the breath all so naturally. Nature is in you.

It’s been figuring all this shit out forever.

  • Know that you are ancient when you look at the water flowing through your veins.

  • Know that the body has been here before rooted in the earth.

  • Know that an unstoppable fire burns in your heart

  • Know that the raw material of you will return to the soil, and

  • know that your wood will becomes someone else’s water.


Diversified Investment strategy 2022

Be everything that you are.



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