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I ching training



NOVEMBER 16-24, 2019

Trained in the temples of Wudang Mountain as a child, for over 20 years now, Master Chen has communicated the little-understood Daoist wisdom of the Eastern world to people in the West. During this time, Master Chen has taught and befriended many thousands of students. Master Chen guides you in learning ancient wisdom to live passionately with self and others.

For the first time ever, Master Chen is bringing his teachings to Canada where he will take a lifetime maximum of thirty-six students per country through his seven-day

Dao Mastery I Ching Training Program. This is an extremely limited and special course that will only be offered as Master Chen's valuable time becomes available. 

Master Chen is one of two twenty-fifth generation lineage holders in the entire world trained in the mystical 龍門 (Dragon's Gate) sect of Daoism. Students of this training are initiated as twenty-sixth generation lineage holders and will be prepared to integrate the practices into their own lives in order to live in flow and mastery.

The training involves roughly 15 hours per day of intensive training in the sacred practices of I Ching, with daily Tai Chi, meditation, and knowledge transfer.

The training will take place at a sanctuary on Bowen Island, an hour outside of downtown Vancouver with all-inclusive vegan meals and shared accommodations.

Investment: $7777 USD + 5% GST

"The course was profound, enlightening and empowering. It was a wonderful gift. The course covered physical, psychological & emotional health. Less than 2 years from when I started practicing I Ching, I met and married the love of my life. I will say that it was long days, a lot of information and a lot of notes to take, but I was deeply and instantly hooked.  I immediately started incorporating what I learned and gained a deep understanding of how to strengthen my weaknesses and leverage my strengths.


If we’re swimming in this river of life, before learning about I Ching I felt like I was swimming upstream. The practice and tools that I learned have empowered me to instead of going against the current, flow with the current. There are still bends and turns, but by going with the current, I have the energy to see obstacles when they come up and manoeuvre around them without stress. I became so in love with this work that I repeated Master Chen’s

7-day I Ching course 5 years in a row."



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