The very first Vision of Foundationz arose in a ceremony in the Amazon jungle. The message that was received was plain and simple. "Teach people how to fall in love with the world". It has now evolved to reflect the deep intention that we are committed to hold for you.

At the core Foundationz, is about celebrating life, play, dance, sharing our greatest gifts with the world, overcoming our life challenges, and bringing conscious awareness to our deepest life purpose.

But in order to live these simplicities at the highest capacity, there is work to do, and many programs to re-write. Starting a new journey can happen in increments, sometimes all at once. But in any case the journey is always within ourselves.


Foundationz is here to cultivate warriors who live free, embody love and realize their greatest dreams 

Who am I?  Why am I here?  What is Life?  What is Truth?  What is God?  What is Love? What is another?

Asking the right questions in your brief time on earth will define your quest; physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Developing deep clarity as you explore these inquiries will raise you into your personal power and the authentic evolution of your life path.

Something deep within us all yearns for more of the great story and something more from ourselves.  But....

 For us to See more, Feel more, Experience more, Be more, and Do more,


we must dive into the vast emptiness of our inner world with courage and faith, so that we can cultivate awareness of

the great spiritual mystery that lives within ourselves and within all things. 

Once you know who you are the world will open up beyond your wildest imagination. 


We are here to bring transformative modalities to future seekers, leaders, and warriors to increase agency in bringing in a new Civilization Model that incentivizes and manifests wellness and prosperity for the good of all.

Para El Bien De Todos.

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Before you can set effective goals, it is important to know where you are going.  The values workshop is a great tool to bring intentionality and clarity of direction into your life. Learning to consciously schedule and prioritize your life around your values and ultimately your mission is one of the first steps to leading a life of service, abundance and impact. Enjoy!  

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  • How you prioritize your life

  • What your core values truely are

  • How to develop and write your personal Mission Statement

  • How you feel about your current situation today

  • You'll write a value centric 3 year Vision Statement 

  • You'll write out value centric SMART Goals 


"In order to become of service, one must be fit for service"
- Don Howard

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My name is Brad Samuels. I spent my 20's investing, building businesses, and seeking financial freedom, only to find out that the best parts of life are free, and that although all of the above can be important and fun, freedom is a feeling. It is something you cultivate within yourself. 

I am a passionate rock climber that loves exploring spiritual practices, heart consciousness, and the art of falling in love with the world. My teachings are centred around heart consciousness and how to harness personal fulfillment in day-to-day life.


The world is beautiful beyond our wildest dreams. Together we can all learn to see, and most importantly, feel it as such.

Brad Samuels