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The Teachings Change Our Life

When I was a student of finance I learned to see the world through the eyes of monetary movement.

I saw that money flows through our economies like blood flows through our veins.

A blockage can cause great distress, and it frequently does.

When I was a student of the skateboard I learned that my feet have a mind of their own

and that the subtlest of adjustments can completely transform the way the board stuck to my feet.


When I was a business man, I learned that with focus, faith and effort over prolonged periods of time

I could move things around in the material world and build things that others found useful in their societal Paradigm


When I found spirit I realized that all that I am was guided by an omnipresent all loving and all knowing intelligence

that has a plan for all that their ever was in this universe.

One profound teaching embodied and unified in the eyes of the heart

can change the consciousness in ways that are unmeasurable to the limitations of the mind.


We don’t know which teachings will stick in the forefront and which will drift into the subconscious,

but it’s easy to see that every moment passing a new wave of information permeates our

experience and changes the rules of what we once believed to be anchored.


Some teachings are Yin and some are Yang.


When we begin to allow the teachings in all their forms to move us, we begin to enter the world of trust.


Trust that the next teaching will be the right one.

Trust that the next feeling is exactly as it should be.

Trust that all the teachings that you have received to this point have lead you perfectly

to the present moment experience you are having.

Trust the teachings. Trust yourself.


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