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🍂🍂 When The Fall Comes 🍂🍂

When the fall comes nature begins to shed all those things that no longer are expressing at the highest radiance.


This is an important preparatory step prior to the crystallization of lessons that soon follow in the cycle of winter.


With nature as our guide, it’s clear that letting go, is one of the most beautiful phases in the cycle of life and rebirth.

All things have a time to shine and a time to be reborn.

And like the leaves on a tree, we humans hold on until the last moment until the destined step of letting go is the clear and only available option.

Leaves are courageous though you see.

They let go of the place of their birth, the comfort of the security they have known since the great expression, and they take flight into the wind not knowing where they will fall to.


Earth will catch you.


And when it does, the great reintegration begins.


You see, the root system is at the foundation  of the land, and although the brown dead like appearance of the leaf 🍂 can mislead a human mind. The earth knows that the wisdom gained during the great expression can and will be of vital importance for the soil below who is looking to the sky for guidance on how best to support the great tree. Leaves find their way home to the place of their becoming.


Whatever you let go of in life, another ancestor will find it to be of great use.


Whenever you are ready, that will be the best time for everyone.


If you find that you are still holding on,


No problem.


“ When you are ready, I will catch you”


says mother.


“And all that you learned will not be forgotten”



🍂 ( For Chi Chi )  🍂

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