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Intention Will Change Your Life

Whatever your intention is you create.

Your thoughts, your words, your beliefs are made out of intent.


This intent shapes the world around you and even the very fabric of what the world is.


You must choose the highest intent without any regret.


Why might one not choose the highest Intent?


This is a very ancient and profound question.


  • Is it self worth?

  • Wrong understanding?

  • Self sabotage?


Only you have the answer. The quest of this life is to find out the highest intent and recognize why you may not be attuning yourself with it.


Only you know.


Bring conscious awareness to the guiding intention of your life now and practice this everyday.


If your intentions are not pure in your estimation at this present moment, that’s ok.


Accept where you are now just as it is.


There is another moment just around the corner for a whole new intention to arise.


I promise. 😉



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