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Arriving in Peru three days ago, it’s clear to me that after accomplishing all my goals in 2022, marking my first $1,000,000 year in business among other goals and accomplishment, I’m not happy with what I’m doing or more importantly what I’m being in the world for myself and my community.


I’m internally conflicted.


A multiplicity of sequential event in my life have revealed to me that although I am in part headed in the right direction, I am in fact lost as to next steps. And so I have been sitting in non action, my least favourite or comfortable pace to be.

Time and time again I have been able to override my deepest intuitions where I forcibly pave a road to what a society might call a person who has their life together.


Why do we ignore the call in life?


We ignore the call because it is asking us to journey into the unknown.

As I sit here awaiting the beginning of a pilgrimage through the sacred centres of Peru, the questions that seems to prevail is


“who am I?”


“What must I do now?”

And more importantly


“what must I leave behind to become who I am meant to be in the next phase of my becomeing?”


Deep work takes courage because it activate the hard spots that are stored inside. We can’t run away anymore once the unconscious becomes conscious.


Part of what in will be focusing on this year is shadow aspect reintegration. I have lived the first 30 years of my life in the light learning about beauty, love and passion.


I am realizing that I need more knowledge about reality and this time the knowledge is not going to be coming from just the light.


I am calling in courage to face darkness and the unknow. Not forever, but for now yes.

In this 15 day pilgrimage we will be journeying with one of the greatest master plants on the earth today.



Huachuma is a plant medicine or better yet a cactus, and it is known as the great clarifier.

I have worked with it many years ago and to summarize as best as I can what happened in those early years, “it is as if experiencing the world without thought”


Without thought, we lose our ability to create separation because we can no longer label the world around us. We see clearly that there is only 1 energy that moves.

Without thought we cannot be someone with a story, a past or a future. We can only be present moment energy.

The energy you are right now in this moment reading this post is what you are. It’s all that you are.

And I have not been settled in my highest vibration for at least a year now.

I have not been all that I can be as a pure radiance of energy.

And so I we will walk with spirit and return back once again.

Sometimes we need help in our lives. My hope is that Huachuma will help me come home to the Man I know I am.

In return for this help, my intention is to offer myself in service to anyone who could use a hand as they walk the path home themselves.






This is the greatest prayer I have come to learn in all my years of ceremony.

That which we radiate outwards is what returns.





Shot me a quick email telling me what you would like to share and contemplate together and if the content is a good fit for the show we can set a date and go deep into it

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