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Warrior of Love

Willing to Fall Apart

Stepping into breath work this year I realized that when we say yes to full embodied breathing, we are saying yes to life. We are inviting the spirit to manifest into the material.


When we say yes to life we are saying yes to our emotional expression. We are saying that we want to find out who we really are.


When we say yes to life we are saying yes to the path home to radiant love and the place of our becoming which resides at the centre of our hearts.


When we say yes to Love we are saying that we say yes to heartbreak, sadness, grief, and frustration. We are saying we understand the risk.


We are saying that we do in fact have the courage to open our spectrum of experience and feel all that life has to offer. We are saying we are warriors who are not afraid to wear our hearts over top of our armour.


Love has no boundaries. No conditions. No judgement. Love holds the full emotional condition and gives flavour to everything you have ever been in your whole fucking life.


And when your hearts breaks, it fractals into larger halves and mends it self back stronger than it’s ever been.


So breathe with me now, invite spirit to the party and say yes to who you are in all of its expression.






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